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        1. Job offers

          Job offers

          Letter Zhida logistics sincerely welcome the junior college graduates  to the company development, the achievements of the future!

          The company offers the following positions:

          First, the international logistics department, the domestic logistics department operations


          1, responsible for the implementation of domestic and international  shipping import and export operations, including the preparation of a  variety of domestic trade documents, booking, loading, etc .;

          2, to maintain customers, and customers a good communication and exchanges;

          3, to maintain a good relationship with the shipping companies, the team and other related departments;

          4, to deal with all kinds of emergencies and timely reporting to the higher;

          5, to complete other related work assigned by the higher level;

          Second, the storage department operations


          1, the arrangement of the arrival of the delivery plan; 2, the  statistical production of warehousing statements; 3, the quality of  supervision operations; 4, tracking the operation of the various  processes; 5, communication upstream and downstream links; 6, billing  reconciliation;

          Third, the Department of Integrated Management cashier positions


          1, responsible for the completion of the company's business payments. 2, management of the production company cash accounts. 3, responsible for invoice application and invoicing management. 4, responsible for coordination with the bank tax.

          Four, field positions


          1, responsible for the customer boxing unpacking the scene of the  arrangements for the process of coordination, monitoring the  installation of photographs, goods receipt, statements produced.

          2, responsible for bus driving and leadership travel arrangements.

          4, there is a certain degree of communication skills; 5, men and women  are not limited; 6, home in the field priority; 7, veterans priority

          Working Hours: Monday to Friday. Saturday on duty.