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        1. Company Profile

          Company Profile




          Tianjin SEASTAR Logistics co., ltd is a integrated logistics company with   serving domestic coastal FCL transportation with door to door  and overseas FCL, LCL  transportation , domestic and overseas bulk regular liner ,bulk chartering business , port loading and unloading ,storage logistics ,trucking  etc . We have rich experience for solid and liquid chemical , glass, red wine, lube oil , large scale equipment, special vehicle transportation, and also we have mature transport scheme by our long-term working accumulate. At present ,our operating advantage is as follows:

          1. Domestic container transportation .

          We have complete web systems with offering door to door service between Coastal region ,such as Tianjin,,JingTang, Qinhuangdao ,Caofeidian, Jinzhou,Bayuquan ,Dalian , Yantai, Shanghai , Ningbo ,Taicang, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shantou ,Huangpu,Shekou, Haikou , Fangcheng , Qinzhou and so on .

          We keep good relationship with more than a dozen domestic container carrier , such as COSCO ,CHINASHIPPING ,we share resource and exchange space with them . We are able to make sure sufficient capacity and steady sailing departure for you .

          2. Overseas container freight agent business

          Our company is booking window of MOL , EVERGREEN,CHINASHIPPIN -G, T.S. LINE , main direct routing is from Tianjin to Southeast Asia , The 

          middle east ,India ,Pakistan ,Australia , Europe . USA. offering sea container transport service for customers .

          1. Domestic and overseas bulk goods transport .

          3.1 : Domestic bulk goods transport : Our company can provide steady regular liner service with steel product for you between Tianjin and Guangzhou, Zhanjiang , Hainan xiuying ; Jingtang port and Shanghai , Jiangyin ,Guanghzou old port ; Caobindian and Shanghai , Guangzhou; etc .

          3.2 : Overseas bulk goods transport : Our company provide foreign trade bulk regular liner service with Ton bag package goods , equipment , steel products , and vehicle from Xingang Tianjin to Australia , Pacific Islands , Central America .


          Welcome everyone to call us to check above all kinds of point rate and schedule ,we will try our best to provide high quality service for you .


          Pls contact us by way below .


          Manager : Gavin  

            tel:0086-22-23336208-506  fax:022-23336216

            Sea Export supervisor : Hellen Gao with mob: 13323351150

            tel:0086-22-23336208-530  fax:022-23336216

            Domestic operator : Momo  with mbl: 13803030520

            Company tel:0086-22-23336208-520  fax:022-23336216